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My Man Won’t Get a Real Job

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So you are in a relationship, your man is 30+, and he still works for the local burger flipper shop? You and your man have kids, or the goal to have kids, but he won’t look for better paying job. What do you do?

What you do about this issue depends on what your status is. If you are not married/engaged, not living together, and you don’t have any kids then you have no reason to care what job he has,unless you have goals to have those things soon. If you have been talking about marriage or moving in together then you need to have a serious talk about expectations for the future. Make it clear that it will be very unrealistic to have a family on burger flipper wages (although you don’t have to say it that way).Remember that you are looking for a future, a future where family is number one, unless you don’t care about having a family, in which case you can always just get your own house and pay your own bills. If family is your goal, and soon, make it clear to your man. Make it clear you are specifically looking for a “can doer” not a man who doesn’t care about his future.

If your current status is married/engaged, if you live together (even if you’re not married) if you have children together (even if you aren’t married or aren’t living together) or any combination thereof, then you cannot tolerate a man who refuses to get a big boy job. A man who “can’t” get a bog boy job is a can’t doer. You may have a can’t doer if your man exhibits any of these signs, especially if he exhibits them habitually:

  1. He always has an excuse why he can’t or won’t look for new jobs
  2. He says he doesn’t want every job he could be doing
  3. He refuses to follow up with jobs he has applied for, or doesn’t show up to interviews
  4. He won’t keep jobs that have better pay and better hours for seemingly no reason
  5. Even when he is offered big boy jobs and easy hires by family and friends he doesn’t accept the offer

If your man exhibits these signs you may have one of two major problems with your man: A)Your man doesn’t really want to work or B) Your man doesn’t want a job that allows him to be home more,because he doesn’t want to deal with his family. If your man exhibits ALL of these signs habitually it’s a good guess one or both of these major problems is present.

As woman of the house you need to have an intervention immediately if this is happening. A man who does not reasonably utilize offers, easy interviews,easy hires, or opportunities for better pay, better hours and better jobs, in general is not taking proper cares of his family.

So what can YOU do to get through to your man or fix the two major issues likely causing your man to not get a big boy job? First you can try a conversation, but remember during these important conversations the rules should always be:

  1. No phones
  2. No kids
  3. No guests
  4. No TV
  5. No games
  6. No distractions

You need to directly ask if he is not getting these jobs because he doesn’t want to work or because he doesn’t want to deal with his family and home. See what he says. He likely won’t admit either. If he seems to answer honestly no to both, then perhaps your man has a motivation problem. If he says yes to either question then continue further with more questions as to why?

At the point where you either get no answers or figure out the answers, understand that, lack of motivation, not wanting to work, not wanting to deal with family or the house, are not acceptable excuses not to get a big boy job. If he has reasons home life is not fun for him it is HIS duty to be a grown up and to deal with the issues at home and find resolutions to them by actually voicing the issues and talking to you. His choice not to voice his issues or avoiding un-fixable issues, such as kids being kids and being lots of work, are not reasonable excuses to be gone at a junk-o job all day.

It’s up to you to be diligent in demanding that he take proper care of his family. Men do not do well as stay at home “mommies” because they become jealous and restless. It could actually make home life worse if you go to work and he stays home, but you could try it if it seems like it might work, and you can get a better job than he currently has. Otherwise you need to make it clear you will not tolerate him being a “can’t doer”.

So what do I do if he won’t change? Well he probably won’t change. People either want families or they don’t. A man chooses to be involved or run away, using his job as an excuse to “escape.” He is likely not going to change, ever. My advice is, that if none of the above ideas works, you plan a breakup or divorce as the consequence for the lack of care of the family. A man’s duty doesn’t disappear just because it’s year 2017. He has every responsibility to give his family the best life he can and that includes a mix of good working hours, and pay. Or, you can decide to live poor and unhappy. Keep in mind it may actually be more to your benefit to be poor and single and happy. Happy you don’t have a can’t doer in the way of your future goals.

Decisions are not easy but let’s be real, most women don’t get depressed they don’t have a husband, they get depressed because without a husband women often can’t earn enough to pay the bills and take care of the kids alone. This is not to say we don’t long for a partner in life but that partner must also be longing for us. A man has no purpose in life if he is not protecting, defending and caring for his family.


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Is Marriage Realistic for Modern Women?

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Now this is the big question for women that women oddly often never ask themselves: Is marriage realistic for me in this era? Women are usually groomed from birth to daydream and ponder their future life about who they are going to marry, where they will live, what their house will look like, and how many kids they will have. In fact, I seem to have very fond memories of childhood in which we played lots of silly games with paper that would predict who we would marry and what their name would be and etc. Lots of fun, but it wasn’t until this year that I realized how silly all of that really was and how girls should be brought up wondering what they will do for themselves and what they will do to become the best person of their own right, and not necessarily defined by other people (i.e. their kids, a husband).

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting kids or a family but perhaps we spend too much time worrying about that when it’s only just a part of our lives not the entire thing. Women have had to set aside the rest of their lives for the benefit of their husbands and children for thousands of years and while this is the highest most respectable thing a mother and wife can do for her family, that is, to sacrifice for others, it is not necessarily the best thing a woman can do for herself.

In the modern era women more and more are reaching out for more than just the homemaker/wife life. So the question is, is marriage an old out dated tradition that really just keeps women down? Frankly I think the answer is yes. Not that it can’t work for some couples, not that I especially love broken homes or separated families, but there seems to be very little room in society, at least ours, despite being modern, for women who actually want to be individuals as well as moms and wives. Is it honestly possible for us to keep believing that two individuals can become one, magically because they wear fancy clothing and have a spiritual priest say they are married? I really don’t think so.

Evidence shows more and more that women are moving away from the idea of man as head of household, and of being arbitrarily morphed with their husband’s identity. Even laws now separate husband and wives in certain areas of law. Women are not so much taking the last names of their husbands anymore. Hyphenating their last names has become the new trend while some actually keep their original last name or even have the husband change their last name to theirs. Children are also being named after their mother’s last name or being hyphenated out of respect for both parents as opposed to only the father. In this trend we can see women are tired of being Mrs. Man. They want to be an individual as well as a family. There is nothing wrong with this. Men have always been allowed to be individuals and wives ought to as well.

For the most part women are now educating themselves and have been fighting back and forth between needing/wanting to stay home with children for financial reasons or because they want to take care of their own children, and going to work or school or just exploring life a bit on their own. These decisions would be a lot easier to make if we did not live in a world that expects women to do nothing but dream of their future life as a bride of a man, or mother of her children or wife of her husband. I could go one with specifics but I want to keep this post simple today. Society does not afford women the opportunities to do all they want to do. It’s not just because of financial limitations but because society expects women to give up what they want and give up their individuality as a wife/mother.

I think that each woman has to decide for themselves if they need or want to be married. I think this society has unfairly stigmatized women with the responsibility to be married and have a husband that takes care of them in order to function without being in poverty. The fact is, most women cannot earn enough to live without a partner which has been the root cause of most of women’s fight for individuality and independence. Phylilis Schlafly said (after the Paycheck Fairness Act was blocked by congress) that; “Women who make as much as men wouldn’t find good husbands.” This tells you alot about her generation. Now in respect Mrs. Schlafly has recently died (rest her soul in peace) but perhaps it resonates the death of an era of women brain washed into being reliant on husbands to live life? How often do we hear the term welfare queen, but never bother to ask why women can’t earn enough money to live without a husband, or why her husband or child’s father is not providing for his family?  This makes women feel like it’s all up to them to keep a family together. Isn’t it true we don’t think anything of it when men are single and have kids?

The possibility that marriage just isn’t the modern answer for society has rarely openly crossed the minds of our people. While I do make posts on advice on how a family, a man, a woman, a wife or husband should behave in relationships, and do in reality hope for everyone that family can work out, this does not change the question as to whether marriage is truly working for our society at this point. We simply do not afford women the life they deserve, and if a marriage is going to work well in this era it will have to be one that does for women what society does not do, which is to allow for her to be an individual with equal rights and respect and to not just be the one that a husband dumps the kids off on while he runs off to invest in his own career and life away from home. Until this day comes when both society and families do this, women I think, may need to have respite for a few centuries from marriage, to move forward to push this society into a future where women are rewarded for being dedicated moms, rewarded fairly for their work, where women’s jobs bring in real earnings, where we don’t morph them with their husbands. A society where they can be allowed to breath, spread their wings. be sick without penalty, take a break and not be expect to be the super human sacrificial lamb of the family.

What do you think?

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What to Do About A Man Who Complains About Taking Care of His Family?

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In this day and age we see that more and more, people are choosing for one reason or another not to get married or are divorcing at “alarming” rates. While the media seems to think the reason is because people are just stupid and rush into marriages the reality is we actually take much, much longer to get married today than any other time in history and the main reason for divorce is financial arguments. Legal definitions such as “irreconcilable differences” don’t really say it right. Now, why do I put alarming in parenthesis? I put it in parenthesis because I don’t actually view the number or rate of divorces as at all alarming. I believe in divorce, the right to choose to no longer have to be married to a person you cannot love or cannot function with in a family.

What does financial issues really mean? In almost all cases it means the adults cannot agree on family finances. So by nature this means that one partner or the other isn’t providing income, is under employed, is wasting family money, is irresponsible with money or something along these lines. What the statistics don’t touch on is the fact millions of women have been left with no real choice but to get a divorce because their man refuses to take care of his family or won’t stop complaining about taking care of his family. This is equally prevalent in why women who are not married to their men refuse to make the leap to marriage.

Remember financially caring for your family is only one way in which you care for your family but not taking financial care of your family is usually the “straw that broke the camel’s back” when it comes to women’s level of tolerance. A man has a duty to do more than just financially take care of his family. He has a duty to be present, to provide physical and emotional support, to discipline and aid with the children, to ensure that he keeps up the family house and property, to protect and defend and to be involved in the lives of his family.

What else doesn’t get noticed in the simple statistics is that women often divorce because their men do not want to help take care of the children. This is especially undesirable since most women choose to work at some point in time even when they have young children. Women just don’t have time to do it all and men are not taking up the slack and in many cases blatantly ignore their own children. Women would rather attempt to do it all on their own, and why shouldn’t they? Why should a woman be in a relationship with a man if she is doing all the duties of both people? There’s no real point to that and it’s really not even a relationship if she can’t have any expectations of him.

If you have a man who is actively complaining to you about taking care of the family, then you need to have a real conversation about what his problem is exactly (i.e. does he want you to get a job, is he sick of being married). Your man will almost never come right out and say “I am sick of taking care of my family.” So here are some things he might say that can elude to the fact he is not wanting to provide for his family:

  1. He gets upset every-time he doesn’t get as much sleep as he wants and says things like “I’m tired, I need my sleep because I work.” (Insinuates you do nothing of value for the family.)
  2. “Why do you need this?” (Questions your ability to make adult decisions.)
  3. “I don’t have enough money for that.” (Even though that seems ridiculous on his income.)
  4. “I don’t think you need that.” (Notice the word “you” is applied yet he presumes to speaks for you.)
  5. “Why should I be the only one to work” (Again insinuating it’s not his duty to provide for his family.)
  6. “There’s no reason you can’t work.” (Yet you have 3 children under the age of 10 who need your care.)
  7. “I’m too busy to do that.” (By busy he means he has created things to go do outside the home and family he doesn’t need to do.)
  8. “I’m going to go to my friend Johnny’s house.” (He says this when he knows you need him at home.)
  9. “We don’t have money to fix your car.” (Then he gets in his pimped out man car and drives to his friend Johnny’s house to drink beers.)

In addition to saying things your man may also show behavioral signs he no longer wants to take care of his family such as:

  1. He takes a job that makes it so he is gone most of the time or gone during hours the kids are home.
  2. He takes on more hours or another job but he doesn’t need it. He doesn’t seem to be providing any additional income to the family despite having more pay.
  3. He sleeps all day long or mopes and lazes around when he has days off instead of spending time with family.
  4. He works at night and sleeps during morning hours when the family is getting ready for school and eating breakfast, even though he could wait to sleep until the kids are gone at school.
  5. He eats meals separate from the family/ often says he’s not hungry.
  6. He spends more time at friends’ houses than at home or with the family.
  7. He doesn’t want to spend any money on the family, or he doesn’t want to go anywhere or plan any activities or events with the family.
  8. He often claims he/the family cannot afford things that you in fact can.
  9. He hides his income, withholds his pay from you.
  10. He buys himself things he doesn’t need when the family has needs without consulting you.
  11. He refuses to talk about or adhere to a family plan and or budget.
  12. He wants to stay home more often than not, rather than go with family to things.
  13. He won’t talk to anyone, and does this often. When he does talk he snaps at everyone.
  14. He talks about quitting  his job all the time even though he has made no effort to arrange a  new job.

Remember this is the ultimate number one reason for divorce all around and generally it is women getting the divorces because women and children are usually the target and victims of this attitude problem. Obviously there is a difference between a man who does not take care of his family and man who complains about it. However who really wants to stay with a person for years who cannot stop complaining about the people he supposedly loves so much? Everyone complains and sometimes people vent and lash out when they are mad, tired, or hungry, and it is important for families to talk and to stand up to each other. You cannot beat around the bush and expect results, that includes men and women. If you are sick of providing all the income and think you have a reasonable complaint then say it out loud and say why. If you are sick of listening to your man whine and claim you are not working when you take care of 3 under age ten children all day and do all the house work then say it out loud.

Make sure when you talk about anything this important that you sit down with NO kids in the house (or in the room if that is not practical). Make sure you are not distracted by anything. NO phones in hand, no texting, no phone calls, no tv, no games, no guests. Just you two sitting talking. If you cannot get your man to do this then tell him you have had enough and you want a divorce/want to end the relationship and wont tolerate a man too  busy or too bitter to sit and have family talk time. Family talk time is the most difficult thing to get done and to find time for in a relationship because everyone is legitimately busy a lot. However, most people also don’t do enough to cut the crap and put stuff they don’t need to do aside to make time for family talk time. Family talk time is NOT family meeting time, it’s adult only time. You have to be able to have this or the relationship is doomed to continue down a spiraling path of dissatisfaction. The bottom line is a man who cannot or will not do this is not family material. He is not relationship material either.

A man cannot live only in his own little world in his head, and can’t expect his family to tolerate him creating a world where he is too busy , too hostile or too lazy to join in on the family time. A man must build his family up, not tear it down. If a man complains publicly about his family he should be ignored and shamed. I mean that literally. A man should NEVER ever disrespect his family in public, it’s a disgrace.  A man who does this often does not deserve his family and should be ignored as he ignores his family.

Remember girls you only have to put up with what you tolerate. You do not need a 4th “baby” to take care of, you need a man, a real man. Real men provide and don’t cry like little children about it. It’s not worth it to drag out empty relationships with men like these. You are not a free sex buddy and your kids are not his visitors. If your man can’t hack it, find someone who can.


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Who’s Money is Who’s?

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At first glance you may notice this post instantly has the same ring to it as my post “His House or Our House?” about who’s house you’re living in is which you can read here if you haven’t already. You’d be right. The most important thing to remember in a relationship that escalates to living together married or not is that once you dedicate to living in the same home, you are dedicating to family. If you can’t dedicate to family, family ideas, family planning or family centric values then you should NOT make the leap to living together or even stay in a long term relationship. In fact, every relationship you involve yourself in you should be honest from the first day you go on a date. I want a family or I do not want a family. If you want a family at any point in time you must enter EVERY relationship as a family oriented person, otherwise your relationships will fail. You don’t have to have kids right this second but you need to be open and honest and realize most women are not in the habit of waiting around decades for men to grow up and finally be family centric.

When it comes to the family finances remember it’s not yours, mine and ours. It’s always OURS. Your money is your families money, and therefore you are not being a good family member by withholding it from your family. A family must thrive on trust. If you feel you cannot trust your partner with money and need to hide it, or take it away, withhold it, or have separate accounts so the other can’t get the money then you have a serious problem. It’s one thing to be the adults and not let children have access to the money because they are not responsible enough to use it wisely, but if the adults must hide money from each other then aren’t they really the children here?

It is a huge misconception by people that not having children or not being married negates a man’s responsibilities and means they don’t yet have a family. Family is what you make of it and consists of people you hold dear and love. A man or woman should not view each other as just “that other person I have sex with and hang out with when I have time to.” If you are not going act as family it is probably just best to date but not commit to anyone. It is best not to live together. Even if you do not live together it doesn’t get you out of your responsibility to take care of each other. You cannot really be honest and say you truly love a person if you are unwilling to share your income with them.

If you live with a person you feel you have to hide money from because they are irresponsible and won’t pay bills, or will take it and buy things they don’t need like drugs or alcohol, then you need to consider the better alternative which is leave the relationship for a person who is trustworthy. You cannot keep hiding from your own mate to keep the peace. It is better to end the relationship than to constantly have to fight off your irresponsible mate.

So what if we both want to have a family budget but also our own money? Ok then my suggestion is that you take ALL the income of the family and pool it together. You should NOT let so and so have more extra cash because he or she brings in more money than the other. Make a monthly budget to allot money for the bills and needs of the family. Then assign any funds to things such as savings for vacations, education or whatever your personal goals are with the pooled money. Make a categorical discernment between needs and extras, this way if you can’t reach every goal each month you can at least hopefully make the needs goals and not worry so much about extras. Set actual dollar values to these. For example allot $100 each month to your vacation fund, categorized as extras. For bills which fluctuate set the minimum set aside to the higher end of the bill. Example the water bill is anywhere between $40-$75. The water bill is a need to pay. So set the minimum set aside which should be untouchable, to $75 per month. You should never trade your needs for your wants, no matter how hard it is sometimes.  Always make sure to assign which bills will be paid from which paychecks as sometimes you may have to save this months last paycheck to pay next months rent. Once you have made that monthly budget for the year, you have your monthly guide. So once ALL bills and goals are met, then take whatever is left over that month, and split it in half. Now each adult has their own personal cash to do whatever they want with free and clear of worry about bills and goals being met. This is a proven method and I believe every family should have a budget every month.

I have personally used this method before and was eventually complimented by my partner who did not want to do it but gave it a try. He found that he had way more money than he had before and was doing better because money was being allotted wisely. Yet he had more to spend on things he didn’t need because he followed a budget. It really does work. You may not need such an advanced budget yourself but for two people you really need something like this. Make sure your partner is actually physically following the plan, and that both people are either presenting physical cash or placing all funds into a joint account until goals are met and then only transfer money out to each partner when you have assessed all monthly goals are paid for. If that means you need to transfer some funds to a savings account go for it but pool money together first.

It’s important that both adults be equals. One partner shouldn’t have to pay half the bills “equally” adding up to 80% of their income while the other pays half the bills equal to only 20% of  their income, and then get to have 80% more personal cash than the other. It will cause resentment.

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Is My Man Jealous of Me?

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Ok so this is an interested subject that women may or may not realize exists in relationships with men. For those who do not realize it, it is very common for men to actually be jealous of their female partner. Men may be jealous of you for many reason but the most common reasons men are jealous are:

  1. When their woman makes more money than they do.
  2. When their woman has a “better” job/career than they do.
  3. When their woman is in a position of power or achievement such as President of a company.
  4. When women spend a lot of time at their job/out of town for work.
  5. Men are also often jealous of the women who stay home or have more time at home, especially when a man works out of town/state.

So if you are wondering if your man is jealous of you, the answer is probably yes. But if you are not sure there are some tell tale signs your man may be jealous of you:

  1. Your man is rude to you, seems short with you a great deal, or seems mopey.
  2. If when you get home from work he seems to want to start a fight with you about being gone or even other unrelated things.
  3. If your man is gone a lot and seems mopey or upset about never being able to attend things because he’s gone, or if he seems to want you to always wait to do things until he gets home, or if he seems like he doesn’t want you to do anything without him.
  4. If your man says things like “maybe you should stay home and I can get a second job” or “I don’t want you to have to work.” (These are not always signs he’s jealous but if you have said no more than once to this idea and he keeps going on about it, then it’s a sign of jealousy as well as control.)
  5. If you are the worker of the family and your man spends most of his time lazing around on the couch, sleeping or really doing nothing constructive.

So let’s break these signs down a little bit to understand them. Men are easy to anger as a whole, but even men who are more laid back will often start acting a bit brutish when they are jealous of their woman. Men are, at their core worker bees, despite the fake trendy attempt from society to smack women down about NOT working. Men actually for the most part believe it is their duty to be the bread winner of the family but are at odds with the fake trendy attitude of society. Sometimes men are actually confused as to if they should be mad women are not working or mad because they feel that if their woman has to work they are failing at their duty as a man. Some men though actually don’t want to work at all and want their woman to take care of them but yet are still angry because their hormones and their inner self is actually trying to tell them they are a failure because they are not being manly by sitting at home on their butts doing nothing. I believe that this kind of inner self battle has a great deal to do with modern men’s inability to be family material.

So if they feel this way why don’t they just spit it out and say something? Well first off men are not good at sharing their feelings. If they were they would be women 😉 right? Men mostly bottle up their feelings and fail to share because they think it will make them less manly to do so. It’s also very possible the man actually doesn’t realize that they are jealous of you. It’s scientific fact that other male animals will get angry and or depressed when they feel useless or don’t have anything to do. Humans are animals despite our self importance in thinking we are special magical beings void of nature’s laws.

Men will often be jealous of a woman who makes more money than they do or who is in a position of authority and power. One of the reasons is as I said; men feel inferior if a woman is doing what he perceives to be his job/a man’s job. Some men think women just shouldn’t make as much as men because they think women are weak and therefore incapable of doing the job as well as them. They often also feel threatened by women in power who are capable of being self sufficient without them because they are afraid the women might leave them or not need them anymore. This is despite the fact men act mad when they are expected to take care of their families, despite them pretending they think women should work so they don’t have to pay for everything and despite men attempting to be trendy non-sexists. This mind set is confirmed by the fact men will leave their families (often a working wife and kids) for women who are in economic woe whom they see as needy , easy targets to replace their wife with. Unfortunately they then almost always automatically revert to their outward trendy “non-sexist” expectation this new woman should work, and thus the cycle continues for them.

Men who refuse to work or who won’t get real jobs, or who mope around the house are frankly not good men to have a family with in my book, unless you have made the co-decision he will stay home and you will work. Even still, it’s not particularly good for men to do because of the reasons I have outlined. IF your man is a stay at home dad, which I’m not the hugest fan of, then if he is doing his duty to the kids and home and does the grocery shopping and all the things stay at home mom does, then he has a job too. However, it may not be the best job for all men to do. Men become restless and need to burn off energy and testosterone. Most men just can’t do this being moms to kids because women are naturally designed to be care taker, nester, gatherer, organizer and men are not. So if this occurs it may be more practical for him to get a job, at least part-time. I also think that men may resent you being the bread winner, so it may not be worth it to try to be too over feminist when it comes to family matters, they clash quite often.

If you have a man who constantly wants you to quit your job for no reason other than he just doesn’t want you to work or he seems over-sensitive about you being at work you may have a serious issue. If your man never wants you to do anything with other people without him until he gets home or because he doesn’t want you enjoying anything when you are gone, you are in the danger zone. Men of this nature are exhibiting both jealousy issues and control issues. Controlling men are generally run by fear and jealousy. They are afraid their woman might be looked at or talked to by another male. They may actually be abusive and trying to get you secluded from your support system like your friends and family, maybe even your children. Seclusion is a tactic used by abusive and controlling men to isolate you from anyone he thinks can protect or defend you or take you away from him. Keep a keen eye on this type of behavior and don’t fall into the trap.

Remember society has honestly confused men of this generation because men do not know if they should be forcing you to work or forcing you to stay home. Their buddies are all divorced or single and telling them they should be mad about taking care of their families. Society is telling moms to dump their kids off at daycare and work for piddles. So it’s important to have real conversations about these issues at home and nip them in the bud as soon as possible. A man should always expect to do his duty to take care of his woman and kids even if he is not married. A woman should always expect to do her duty as a woman to nurture and take care of her children and man. When men and women want to reverse roles or blur the line between roles, remember it should be everyone’s personal choice, nothing ever by force or intimidation and be cautious because we can spew all the trendy crap we want but in reality nature has equipped men and women with different bodies, different hormones and therefore different purposes and natural talents. To pretend otherwise would be naive.

At the end of the day if you can’t have a conversation about this issue and resolve it, it may be time to move on to someone who can function in a fair relationship with you.

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Does Society Coddle Men?

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The quick answer is YES. More often than not, society excuses the bad behavior of men and coddles them even when society knows what they have done is not appropriate. Oddly enough the biggest culprits of coddling men when they behave badly are actually women. Their moms, their wives/girlfriends, their aunts, even the female friends of the woman they wronged, are notorious for this coddling. Perhaps because women are coddlers in general. In addition, the courts and government coddles men and their multitudes of bad decisions even when in the reverse role a woman would be arrested for the same behavior. This does pose a significant problem in this day and age for mothers and children, and women in general.

One of the most outrageous examples of coddling is abusive men. The courts blatantly don’t protect women. Even if they do anything to finally stop years of abuse, stalking, or criminal treatment of women such as rape, men get barely a slap on the wrist. In many cases women are arrested just for defending themselves. The violence Against Women Act (VAWA) made it almost impossible for a woman to get an Order of Protection making them have to wait until they are physically assaulted to get an order. The states often refuse to enforce stalking laws even though 9 of 10 stalking victims end up murdered by their stalker. The sentences for stalking, abuse, murder and rape are in general less than a charge of possession of crystal meth. How outrageous.

Men are also let off the hook for abandoning their pregnant women, their wives and kids, even though there are abandonment laws. Those laws are not tough enough because so long as a he calls the mom once in a year he isn’t abandoning the kids according to the law. Never-mind he hasn’t seen his kids, changed one diaper or sent $1 for food to his kids. Some third world countries have actually started holding men accountable for abandonment yet our nation has given men a free pass on this. If a woman ran off to her job out of state and said; “Tough I’m too busy at my job to parent, I’m not gonna talk to you or come to any doctor’s appointments, I’m not changing any diapers and I’ll come around if and when I feel like.” she could be arrested for neglect and would never get equal custody of her kids in a court. Everyone would say she is a piece of trash and has no right to her kids, yet… men do this all the time and there are no consequences. In fact, most of them are rewarded in court and get equal custody so their new girlfriends can be their kids’ new half-time mommy/babysitter while he runs off to do whatever he wants to. This happens constantly. A woman would be shamed for choosing herself over her kids and be chastised and punished.

So what does this really say about our society? That despite pretending to be trendy modern equalitists, in actuality we are still resigned to the old “boys will be boys” attitude and that men’s careers are more important than women’s. That men only have to parent when they have time and feel like it, while women are excepted to be super human and achieve a career yet super mom status that’s impossible to achieve. Even when women dedicate their entire lives to their children we chastise them for not dumping them off at daycare and working minimum wage jobs. If we choose the good job that requires our time we are back at square one, under arrest for not taking care of the kids.

We also clearly still have the mentality that men are babies and need lots of help and time to do the right thing and it’s ok to fart around being inappropriate while “learning.” 30 year old men aren’t babies and don’t need or deserve to be treated like they are toddlers. Take for example men who run away or act like morons when they get a woman pregnant. Most of them don’t pay for any prenatal care, maternity clothes, baby clothes, car seat, bottles, diapers, wipes, our society won’t cover the women on insurance plans unless they are married even when the man is wiling to pay the extra for a premium increase. They don’t pay for the extra food cost of her 8 meals a day needed to keep healthy, prenatal vitamins, crib, they don’t pay for the baby’s birth or doctors visits, shoes, shelter, school supplies etc and then they have the audacity to cry if the court actually is able to find them and order them to pay a few dollars in support like someone just stole their chocolate chip cookie. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, from women, “Well maybe he is just confused and needs some time?”, or some other such nonsense. No what they need is for society to stop excusing them for acting like Peter Pan babies. They have no right to hurt the women they get pregnant or abandon their children or pretend to be 10 when they are 30 or 40. It’s not hard to know what to do or what your responsibility is. Yet on a daily basis women coddle these losers all throughout their days lost in Neverland, rather than scolding them to do the right thing for their children. Honestly most of them know what they are doing is wrong and they just don’t want to spend any of their money on their own kids or families.

I read and hear men ALL THE TIME, whining and complaining about taking care of their kids and families. It’s a disgrace! A man who complains about caring for his own deserves nothing and no one. The only time I have any sympathy is for unfair child support orders or draconian enforcement of child support, other than that there is no excuse to cry about your responsibilities. I’m amazed at how many women tolerate their men talking about their families behind their backs because most of them know their man is doing it. If I found out my man was whining about us, I’d ask him how he’d like it having no more family? Or how he’d feel if I left him for a real man that doesn’t complain about taking good care of his loved ones?

Aside from the worst consequences of women being abused, neglected, abandoned, raped, assaulted, stalked, murdered,  and left to raise children on their own or share custody with losers who actually aren’t doing half the parenting, women are clearly being held to a different separate and unfair standard of rules, behavior, expectations and laws. Punished for not putting up with being hit, by hitting back, expected to be bloodied to get protection from harm, ignored for being “immature” and not tolerating being texted 300 times per day, cussed at, followed everywhere they go by an ex… etc. This society clearly has a severe coddling issue with men.

Even simpler infractions and personal issues that aren’t criminal are often cause for the root of the problem. When people side with and coddle men too much they become entitled to act inappropriately. When there are no social consequences to disrespecting your women, your kids, your family, your exes, your friends, then there is no reason for them to not do it. So yes men are coddled way too much. There was a day when at least despite other sexist issues, men were expected to take care of their families. Today our society rewards them for not taking care of them. It’s astonishing how many women will fall for men who have abandoned their previous families thinking that the man is innocent and not to blame. It’s pretty bad when men take care of other women’s children before his own, yet it happens all the time. Perhaps they do it because they think if they choose vulnerable single moms she will put up with him? I don’t know for sure but we have a serious problem. This is why it is so important that we as women stop coddling men and stand up to them, whether they are your husband/boyfriend/fiance’, your son, your nephew, your brother, or your friend. Men like these give the good honest, good hearted, hard working, loving husbands, and dedicated loving dads a terrible name.

It’s time for America to keep up with third world countries when it comes to punishing the bad behavior of bad men. It’s time for our courts to protect women and families and punish men who don’t take care of their kids or pregnant women. Perhaps they should be investigated by DHS, made to take parenting classes, like women would have to if the role was reversed. Perhaps jail time for running away to another state to live with someone else while your kids are back home going “Um.. where’s daddy?”


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I’m a Stay at Home Mom and Everyone Says I Need to Get a Job…

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Ok so you are a stay at home mom and people are telling you, you need to get a job? OK it’s time for an INTERVENTION! You are NOT jobless. You HAVE a job, it’s called parenting your child(ren). It is a REAL job and it’s the toughest job there is to do in life and the most important. When other people tell you, you need to get a job, YOU, need to defend yourself immediately. When people suggest to you that you need to do something, you need to be prepared to let them know how YOU feel about it.

First and foremost despite contrary belief, public opinion does not matter and does not rule your house, your life or your family. The idea that you or anyone owes society anything is absurd. You do not owe your country or economy anything. This is a free country and you do not need to explain yourself or your decisions to society. You do not need society’s permission to stay home and take care of your children. Society also has to accept responsibility for it’s role in making women choose between family and careers, it’s own role in keeping wages unlivable, and it’s combined decision to try to make women into super human beings that simply cannot exist. This is our society’s fault not yours. No amount of planning changes the outcome of the economy. No amount of planning changes life’s quips and downfalls. No amount of planning will change the wages of this country. You are not responsible for society’s mistakes and inability to function properly.

If it is your man (husband, boyfriend,fiance) saying you need a job, then you need to have a serious sit down discussion about the issue. If you are not working because you simply don’t want other people raising your kids, then you have made a good choice and a fair one. If you have chosen to stay home because you cannot afford daycare and/or the pay you can make is too low to warrant the sacrifice/cost of going to work, then your decision to stay home is not only fair but mathematically appropriate. Your man must learn that you are a separate human than him and every other person on the planet and that your beliefs are as important as others are. Your desire to give your children the best care is to be admired not degraded and you must make it clear that:

  1. You will not be told what to do, you are an adult
  2. You will not dump your children off on babysitters just because other moms choose to
  3. You will not be compared to anyone else
  4. You will not work for meager wages
  5. You will not be made a fool of
  6. You will not tolerate a man who does not have consideration for your choices and who doesn’t back up your decisions
  7. You will not pay another person all your wages so she can buy her children name brand clothes while your child goes without because you are paying her all your wages
  8. That you won’t tolerate jealousy
  9. That you work hard and won’t tolerate being told otherwise
  10. That you have a job and have no time for another one right now
  11. That you will find someone who is happy to have a top notch mother to raise and teach her own children if he doesn’t want you
  12. That you are proud of your decision to raise your own children

You absolutely must nip this in the bud right away. It’s ok to have reasonable joint-discussions about work and etc. But remember YOU are YOU and YOU have the right to decide what YOU do with YOUR life. When you are ready to work, go. When you can afford to work, go. When you are happy that your kids are ready for you to go to work, then go. Until then don’t let anybody tell you, you need to leave them for sub-par wages, or unappreciative employers who won’t pay anything for your sacrifice. Your man needs to do whatever it takes to back you up and make it easy for you and to compliment and be proud of his stay at home mom. If he’s not… it’s time to consider saying goodbye.

If anyone other than your companion is telling you this it’s time to let them know as nice as you can muster, “Excuse me, but that is none of your business and the discussion is over. I have made my choice and decision and this is my family not yours. ” Let others know their snarky comments are not welcome and that you are proud of your choice and owe society nothing. That you are not going to have this discussion again. If you may be single and relying on family to help they need to be realistic and consider the reality is that for most single moms, minimum wage is nowhere near livable and blatantly anyone who says otherwise cannot do simple math. No matter how many times people try to rig the numbers you cannot live reasonably out of poverty without assistance on minimum wage. It’s blatantly impossible. I won’t put up with any cockamamie statistic showing any different, because all of them can be easily debunked with basic math. A family is better off doing whatever it can to assist their family member in staying home till the mother can afford to work and has done her job raising the little ones. The value of parenting your own children alone is worth the family’s sacrifice in helping. A family who turns on their own, especially a mother who wants to raise her own children and who does not assist in this has no place of honor in my book.

It’s important to remember one of the reasons this pressure is so intense is that men are easily jealous of women. They are jealous when they don’t work because then they feel like they are being mooched off of rather than feeling proud to defend, protect and provide for their family, a sad truth, that isn’t desirable. The second is that women and especially other moms are easily jealous because they have to work or had to work. Some moms can’t wait to dump their children off anywhere they can. Be it preschool, camp, school, boarding school, babysitter, mom and pop, family members, foot ball, Boy scouts etc anything so they don’t have to do any work themselves this is a FACT. Women like this can’t handle the pressure of their own children and can’t relate to actually caring to be home with them. Other women have had help with free babysitters and can’t relate to the outrageous cost of daycare.

If I offered your man this job:

  1. Work hours 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  2. No holidays off
  3. No sick time
  4. Vacation random if any
  5. No time of for wounds, injuries you will work even if you have broken your leg or just had surgery
  6. Multitasking expected
  7. job requires, scheduling appointments,attending appointments, driving to and fro, shopping, 40 loads of laundry per week, folding, dressing others, cutting food into tiny pieces, getting up 400 times per day, cleaning spills, cooking, vacuuming, taking out the trash, dusting, answering phone calls, bathing others, reading, writing lists, sleeping when you can fit it in, going hungry to make others meals and go without clothes, food, and medical care so you can get your duties done
  8. No appreciation
  9. No pay

Do you think he would accept this job? I don’t. Remember this is the job a stay at home mom does. Demand the appreciation you have earned. Stand your ground. Make it clear you’re not going to be badgered by anyone.



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Should I Date A Man Who Works Out of State/In the Military/On the Railroad?

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So, you are considering dating someone who works out of state, works in the military or on the railroad? Or maybe you are already dating one, or even married to one and are wondering if you should continue that relationship or not? To answer the question you need to figure out which combination of these people you are; a Passive, an Aggressive, an Independent, a Companionist.

Now, honestly most people won’t fit completely in any one category but you can get a good idea of if this man is right for you by finding out which categories you fit in the most.

Category A-Passives

You may be a Passive if:

  1. You get pushed by someone and do not push back.
  2. You don’t mind if another person makes most of the decisions around you.
  3. You don’t care what you eat or what you do for fun.
  4. You can live anywhere and be happy.
  5. You go with the flow and it doesn’t bother you.
  6. You agree mostly with laws, rules and decisions people in authority make.
  7. You are quiet, meek, soft spoken, easily afraid of things.

Category B- Aggressives

You may be an Aggressive if:

  1. You get pushed by someone and you push back.
  2. You want to make most of the decisions around you or want to be a apart of the planning process.
  3. You want to decide what’s for dinner and plan out vacations and fun time.
  4. You have a particular idea of where you want to live, do not like to move around a lot, like things to stay the way you like them.
  5. You don’t let others persuade you to do anything you do want to do or don’t like.
  6. You challenge laws, rules, and decisions others make, and/or question authority.
  7. You are outspoken, not easily intimidated, fearless.

Category C- Independents

You may be an Independent if:

  1. You don’t need to be around other people to be happy, you like being alone most of the time.
  2. You would prefer to listen to music on your headphones, read books, or go take a nap rather than chit chat with others or join in on social events, even family ones.
  3. You juggle work, school, pay all the bills, never ask anyone for help, even when it would be helpful to do so.
  4. You feel like help is charity and it makes you feel bad to accept it so you don’t.
  5. You have your own business or aspire to have your own business where you are sole proprietor or you strive to be manager or leader of your employer’s business.
  6. If your car gets a flat, you are calm and collected, and fix your own flat tire.
  7. When you make a decision you do not consider anyone else in the decision and do not ask anyone else what they think or feel about it.

Category D- Companionist

You may be a Companionist if:

  1. You would rather be with friends and family most of the time.
  2. You prefer to chit chat, talk on the phone, and play games with others and engage in social and family events.
  3. You have trouble figuring out what to do with yourself, you feel scared to do too much without others, you ask others to help you with things.
  4. You have no issue accepting charity or help because you know you need it and don’t reject assistance.
  5. You want to work for others, or have a family or partner based business.
  6. If you get a flat tire you freak out, don’t know what to do, call your besty, your mom, your mechanic etc for help and feel like the world has come to an end.
  7. When you make a decision you consider it carefully and consider everyone who could be possibly involved or effected, you call up your besty to ask what she/he thinks about it, you include others in the decision.

So add up how many of each example best fits you in each category. My guess is most of you will fit into two of the categories almost equally; Passive-Independent and Aggressive- Companionist. This may at first seem strange, shouldn’t the passive be also the Companionist and shouldn’t the Aggressive be also the Independent? Of course you can be as well, but I think you will find my guess to be accurate most of the time.

So who is and is not compatible with a man who works out of state/in the military/for the railroad?

If you fell into Passives, you are a good match for a man with one of these jobs because you are already the type of person who is willing to do whatever your man wants you to do. If he wants to move for his job, you’ll probably come with. You probably won’t argue over much with him and he will like that since he’s gone most of the time and wants things to be his way because of his job choice. You will likely adjust to any situation arising from his job.If he says “I want to leave for four weeks to train on a mini gun.” You’ll say “Ok.”

If you fell under Aggressives, you are NOT a good match for a man with one of these jobs. You are probably not going to do whatever he wants or needs you to do to put up with his career choice. You are probably not going to tolerate him making all the decisions which he will basically do because life will be all about his career choice. By default you will be unable to work with him in the long run because his career will always be more important to him than what you want to do with life. This will likely cause a serious clash.

If you fell under the Independents category then it’s ify. On the one hand, you could do well since you aren’t going to be sad if he is gone as much as you might if you weren’t so ok with being by yourself. You’re very capable and happy to deal with things while he’s gone and not need him a lot. On the other hand if you are too self centered, you may clash if you simply don’t really care that much if he’s home or not. Some guys who work these jobs are great family men while most frankly are not. So this one is up to you to think about.

If you fell under the Companionist category you are not a good match for a man like this unless he is a solid family man when he is home and IF when he makes decisions about his career he consults first with you which is unlikely and rare, but possible. For the most part though he will be gone most of the time. When he is home he will likely find excuses to sleep or be gone more. He may also spend more time with friends and others than you and that won’t work for you. He will probably expect you to be independent but this doesn’t work for a Companionist. He will likely not be available for holidays, family events, children’s’ concerts, dances, games, recitals etc. A Companionist wants someone who is there with them at these events as much as possible.

If you fall into a combination of categories take the time to decide the consequences of the outcome of your personal combo. Remember in general these men will have no time for you or children, will likely not want a woman who has her own ideas and goals for the future unless those are his goals and ideas as well. He will probably miss most family and social events. If this is ok with you, then go for it, if it is not, say no.


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I’m Pregnant, I Don’t Want Sex…

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Ok, so as I said here in this blog their is really no subject off limits. So you’re pregnant and your man wants sex, but you don’t? So you are here wondering if;

A) It is ok to refuse to have sex with your man the entire time you’re pregnant because you’re not interested, don’t feel good, don’t feel sexy, or are in pain?

B) Your man is complaining, whining, being stand offish, or acts mad at you because you don’t want sex , is that ok?

C) You’re not sure it’s safe to have sex or are afraid to have sex while pregnant, is that ok?

The answer to question A is YES. It’s ok to refuse to have sex with your man anytime you do not want to engage in sex, period. The fact that you are pregnant has no standing on the issue of if it is ok or not ok. Now, if your man is curious and nicely asks you why you do not want to want to have sex,(he is probably a first time father who knows nothing about pregnant women) you should answer him. If you feel like total garbage, tell him ” I am tired, I feel like garbage, I do not want to have sex.” If you don’t feel interested in sex (low sex drive) tell him the truth. ” My pregnancy has lowered my sex drive to nothing and I am not interested in having sex.”

Do NOT ask yourself the questions: “Is it unfair to not have sex for x,y,z amount of time? Maybe I should give in every once in a while?” NO>STOP>THAT>RIGHT>NOW! You do not owe him a sympathy sex-capade. Its not enjoyable for you and it probably won’t be that great for him either.

The answer to question B is a resounding NO. NO it is NOT ok for him to be mad or whine at you or ignore you because he isn’t getting his way. Your relationship relies on you two as a couple and your engagement as a couple in as many ways as possible but when you can’t or don’t want sex that does not give him the right to behave like a child. At this point your man has created life with you but you bare the entire physical responsibility to grow the baby in your body, so he OWES you 100% of his respect, and as much of his time as you need.  This is both yours’ baby and he owes it to you and his baby to take the utmost care of you he can muster, plus more. This means NO whining and undue attention and sympathy to himself from his “boys”, his family, or from you. If he is making you feel upset, depressed angry, even possibly suicidal or “crazy” from his behavior he is NOT taking care of you. Not taking care of you is not taking care of baby.

Daddy does not need or deserve any kind of special treatment for his whining  woes about sex. To give in to his whining is to set the rest of your relationship up for daddy to continue to vie for sympathy from you and other people  when something doesn’t go his way. He needs the focus to be on you.

“What if my man breaks up with me/leaves me or threatens to leave if I won’t have sex? Well then you say, “Pack your bags, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, and come 9 months from now I’ll see you in court for custody and child support, bye bye.”

WOW! That sounds harsh. NO. It’s not. It’s the best thing you can do and say to him. He will either say ok and walk away or he will shut up and be a man. You must enforce his responsibility to be a good father and man starting right now. If he doesn’t want to take care of you someone else just might love to do it. You cannot give in to ultimatums like that. Men will get away with only what you allow them to get away with in the relationship.

So if your man is reasonable and just wants to have a real hear to heart talk about things then take the time to attempt to be empathetic but enforce your rights, your decisions and his responsibilities.

Now on to question 3’s answer; YES it’s normal, especially for a first time mom or a mom who may think she has an abnormal or high risk pregnancy to be afraid to have sex. Many women and men are afraid they will hurt the baby. Now I am NOT a doctor of any kind but I would suggest if you have any questions as to the possible risks that you consult with your O.B.G.Y.N., doctor or midwife and ask if it’s safe. If they say it’s safe it probably is. In general, it is perfectly safe to have sex while pregnant, although you may not want to be too over the top about it. Ultimately even if it’s safe you have the right to still say: “I don’t want to do it because I am afraid it will hurt the baby and so I’m not going to do it and I don’t care what anyone says.” because it’s YOUR body and YOUR choice.

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My Man Won’t Eat His Meals!

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Most women who have lived with a man, especially those who have been, or are married now have probably experienced this “phenomenon.” A man who refuses to eat the meals she prepares with the rest of the family, for some reason or another. Sometimes it’s just a few meals a month and sometimes it’s several meals a day. If you are having issues with a man who wants to eat separate from you for no legitimate reason, then you have a spoiled baby for a man. The following are NOT legitimate excuses not to eat meals with the family or to eat different food than the family:

  1. because he doesn’t like that meal
  2. because he doesn’t like the meal sides
  3. because he’s not hungry right now
  4. because he’s tired of eating that
  5. because he wants something else
  6. because he is “too busy” but he’s at home

A man’s duty is to his family and his partner and it is important to have meal time together. It’s more important to spend this time with family and not worry about your meal. Sometimes meal time is one of the only times a family has to be together at the same time. This time cannot be wasted on complaining about the meal prepared. This time is not time to run out to the McDonald’s and go grab something else. This time is not time to whine or argue. This time is not time to go hide in your car or garage sneaking a McSandwhich. It’s childish, it’s selfish and it sets a bad example to the kids. Girls, make sure you make it clear you are not making special meals for everyone who doesn’t want what’s for dinner. If you wouldn’t prepare specials or make exceptions for the kids you don’t prepare specials for your man either. In addition, snubbing your meals is wasteful and can cost your family hundreds of dollars in lost food money to wasted food. That can become extremely expensive.

If right now you are saying; “but what if they really aren’t hungry?” Well one of the reasons they probably REALLY aren’t hungry is because they’re eating separate meals on a separate schedule from the rest of the family. If your man has a schedule different than the rest of the family as far as eating times go that can pose an issue. However, it is most likely that he is simply making up an excuse to get out of eating his meals. He probably wants to eat fast food from a convenience store or fast food restaurant.

“So… is it ok for him to go eat at the fast food place?” NO! In general, too much fast food is bad for your health and can cost lots of money later in medical conditions as well as being extremely expensive for the family budget. Your man might say : “It’s just a $4 sandwich!” This sounds cheap but it’s not, if your man eats 3 $4 sandwiches even 5 days per week he is spending $3,120 on sandwiches per year. So clearly if you couple that with a soda or coffee you can just about double that price. Do you really have $6k a year to spend on one person eating meals alone?

I know what some of you are thinking, this sounds sexists or stereotypical and unfair. Well frankly the truth hurts and it’s only a stereotype because it’s based in reality. More women complain about their men refusing to eat meals than any other thing that occurs in the house. So this is a matter of men not wanting to be part of the family. Your man cannot continue this anti-family attitude. He needs to show the kids, that eating healthy meals at home and spending time together is much more important than having a cheesy sandwich 3 times per day.

Here are some examples of legitimate excuses for your man to be absent from meals or have special plates:

  1.  allergy to the food
  2. They are gone out of the house at work
  3. guys night out with dinner plans
  4. out with family on a planned family occasion while not home with you/kids
  5. they are legitimately ill (flu)
  6. special medical needs
  7. occasional inability to eat (lack of hunger)

Even if your man is not hungry at the time of your meal, for real, not for fake, he still needs to sit with the family at the dinner table for as many meal times as possible. He can still chat with the family and help the kids eat. He does not need to sit in the living room watching the t.v. while you and the kids are at the table eating meals without him. Even if your man has work and needs to eat meals away from the home, he can bring left overs with him. He doesn’t need to try to be cool by buying “cool” fast food. Who cares if his buds think he’s lame for bringing the left over meat loaf to work? He can respond by saying “My family is cooler than your cheesy sandwich.”

Ways you can minimize the issue of your man not wanting his meals is to split cooking days in half and he can then make meals he really likes too for you and the kids. Also you can make a meal schedule on a computer on a monthly bases where he gets to pick as many meals as you to serve the family. If the family wants a treat of fast food or a sit down restaurant then schedule it in and EVERYBODY goes. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t have girls or boys night out or make arrangements for when you’re on vacation or some such, just the main daily routine should be this way.

So if you are saying; “Yeah but my man refuses to sit down and schedule meals.”, or “He won’t tell me what he wants to eat ever.” Then you need to consider a divorce/end of the relationship. Not eating meals with family, and refusing to answer legitimate important questions for the family’s benefit, and especially refusing to make plans, all while complaining  (i.e. he doesn’t want his meals) are all red light warning signs your man is NOT family material. At this point you must reflect that since he does not want to plan meals he needs to eat what he is served or there will need to be consequences to his anti-family actions.

“Well but he says he works so it’s his money and should be able to buy or eat what he wants.” WRONG! I will cover the money issue in another blog post more in depth but as far as this post is concerned, it makes no difference who is or is not working and getting the paycheck. The family must work as one unit, not two. When a man is bull headed making unilateral decisions, you have two units, him alone working against the family and you and the kids working for the family. This cannot occur or there will be a rift in the family unit.

Again a man who can’t get over this issue is likely not family material. Frankly you and the kids would do better apart from him. He can be single so he can have his meals his way and sit alone. While you and your kids can have your meals together and satisfaction of family time without a bump on a log stinking up the atmosphere with their poopy attitude.

“But this sounds so harsh.” It’s not. You are likely already excusing and placating your man by wondering if you are being too strict, too “nagy” or too “controlling.” If you think this way, then your man has already beaten you and won the “who’s in control” contest that shouldn’t be occurring in the relationship. So does this mean it’s partly your fault he’s doing this? No. It means it’s your fault you are miserable about it. If you can’t do what it takes to do right for the entire family you can’t fix the issues. Remember if he can’t grow up then he is simply not a part of the family and you need to do what’s right to take care of the family that IS.

So bottom line is if none of the recommendations here fix the issue it’s time to move on without him. Seriously.